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NAPTOSA FET News Flash 9 of 2014:DHET Directive in relation to Human Resource Circular No.5 of 2014

NAPTOSA issued News Flash FET 8 on 2 October 2014 stating our interpretation and position regarding DHET Human Resources Circular 5 of 2014 dealing with annual leave.

At that time NAPTOSA also tried to secure a meeting with DHET officials to discuss the Circular.  DHET postponed the scheduled meeting three times before the Union eventually met with Mr John Slater on 14 November 2014.  The NAPTOSA representative tabled her concerns about some colleges’ interpretation of HR Circular 5 of 2014.  DHET agreed to issue a follow-up circular to clarify HR Circular 5 of 2014.  The Circular (or Directive) was signed on 2 December and issued to colleges.  A copy of the Directive is attached.

Please note the following with regard to the Directive in relation to the human resources circular no 5 of 2015

pdf Download FET NF 9 of 2014 (60 KB)

pdf Download DHET Directive HR circular no 5 of 2014 (559 KB)