On Wednesday (8 May 2019) South Africans will be going to the polls in the national and provincial elections.

Whilst NAPTOSA prides itself on being independent, autonomous and party politically non-aligned, members of NAPTOSA, as citizens of this country, enjoy the constitutional rights of inter alia “Freedom of Association” and “Political Rights”. Belonging to, or supporting, a political party, is therefore perfectly in order. More important, however is exercising “the right to vote in elections for any legislative body established in terms of the Constitution…” (s.19.3.a of the Constitution).

By voting you can have a say in the affairs of government through elected representatives of parties that will serve in Parliament. Do not underestimate the value of this right, nor squandered it. NAPTOSA’ s leadership therefore calls on all members to participate in the elections on Wednesday.

NAPTOSA members are responsible and model citizens who care about South Africa. Use your vote and vote for the political party that best represents your views, beliefs and interests.

See you at the polls!!!