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2018 wage negotiations update (4 May 2018)

Parties to the PSCBC met on 3 and 4 May 2018 where the long-awaited revised offer of the Employer was tabled.

The offer on the salary increases for the next three years is still the same as was offered in January 2018, albeit in a different format As far as the equalisation of pay progression and the de-linking of the housing allowance (i.e. where both spouses who work for the public service could qualify for the allowance) are concerned, the proposal is for staggered/delayed implementation.

The salient parts of the proposed offer are as follows:

SALARY INCREASES for the next 3 years:
•Year 1 (1 April 2018)
- Salary levels 1 - 7 = 7% (maximum of salary level 7 comparable to Educator salary notch 93)
- Salary levels 8 - 10 = 6,5% (maximum of salary level 10 comparable to Educator salary notch 155)
- Salary levels 11 and 12 = 6% (maximum of salary level 12 comparable to Educator salary notch 29 of inclusive package)

•Years 2 (1 April 2019) and 3 (1 April 2020)
- Salary levels 1- 7 = Projected CPI + 1%
- Salary levels 8 - 10 = Projected CPI + 0,5%
- Salary levels 11 and 12 = Projected CPI

The equalisation of pay progression across the public service at 1,5% per annum. The additional 0,5% for educators to be implemented on the following basis:
- 0,2% in 2018
- 0,3% in 2019

The implementation of the de-linking of the payment of the housing allowance to spouses on the following basis:
- Salary levels 1-5 = 2019
- Salary levels 6-12 =2020 (excluding employees on cost-to-employer packages)

•Surrogacy leave
A commissioning parent = 4 consecutive months’ paid leave from date of birth (if both commissioning parents work for public service only one will qualify for surrogacy leave)
Employee who is surrogate mother = 6 week’s leave after birth

•Shop Steward leave
Shop steward who has to perform shop steward functions during vacation leave will have leave converted to shop steward leave

•Temporary Incapacity Leave (TIL)
Employer will develop a guiding document on the implementation of TIL.

•Family Responsibility Leave (FRL)
Employer to issue directive on the application of the age cap of children (other than children with severe special needs already catered for i.t.o the leave provisions) in the granting of FRL.

The employer indicated that the demand to abolish salary levels 1-3, or to alternatively enhance certain benefits for salary levels 1-5, was unaffordable.

Whilst Labour rejected the Employer’s salary offer, the following counter salary demand was tabled:
•Years 1, 2 and 3
- Salary levels 1- 7 = Projected CPI + 2% (Current projection for 2018 is 5,3% - Employer)
- Salary levels 8 - 10 = Projected CPI + 1,5% (Current projection for 2019 is 5,4% - Employer)
- Salary levels 11 and 12 = Projected CPI + 1% (Current projection for 2020 is 5,5% - Employer)

Parties will now be seeking refreshed mandates and Council will reconvene on 11 May 2018.

Members will be kept informed as the process unfolds.




 Government Gazette No 41750: Salary Scales for 2018 


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